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Our Company's Human Resources Policy; increasing capacity, meeting the expectations of stakeholders, valuing employees, open to change, be a leader in the region. As a global company, it is using human resources efficiently in the way of being a customer focused company that uses resources efficiently, is sensitive to environment, work health and safety, conforms to quality standards, constantly improves its technology, empowers the creativity of its employees.

Planning the human resources that will enable our company to carry out its work effectively and efficiently, selection, recruitment, service units planning, development, training plans to meet the determination of training needs done, implementation, determination of competencies, performance management, career planning studies to be realized in accordance with scientific methods is the goal of our Human Resources Policy.

The system for determining, selecting and recruiting human resources qualifications that will enable our company to fulfill its activities effectively and efficiently.
Develop a performance management system that allows staff to see the results of their own work, that is, their output and to evaluate the results of individual success
To get opinions from the employees through questionnaires and similar ways, to give direction to the applications to be made.